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Visualize the whole market

As a professional trader, you require tools that give you a fast technological edge over your competitors.

Opportunity Entry

Quickly research and identify new opportunities.

Decide & Deploy

Allocate and track the progress of your capital.

Take Profit Exit

Identify opportune technical & strategic areas of exit.

A Whole Suite of Advanced Technical Indicators

Compatible with the TradingView Software you already use.

Keep the charting software you already know well! The Wavetrend Indicator Suite is a premium add-on indicator for your existing TradingView account.

Make Entry & Exit decisions faster and more accurately than ever before with a tool designed to give traders an edge. Unmask what the market is telling you. DETECT, DEPLOY, PROFIT

Discover the Strategy

The Market Moves in Waves, Ride the Wave with our Cipher.

Our Wavetrend Cipher is an oscillator that has a custom combination of crypto specific algorithms which have been tuned over years of experience in the crypto and trading industry.

Software Features

A Custom Combination of Crypto Specific Algorithms.

The Wavetrend Indicator Suite comes with everything you need to trade crypto today! Including Training.

  • 2 Powerful Indicators

  • Strategy Alerts

  • Multiple RSI modes

  • Wavetrend Cipher Strategy

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Our Solution

Start to Finish Indicator Containing Information you need to make Trading Decisions.

Forget running many separate and unrelated indicators, The Wavetrend Indicator Strategy contains multiple data points, interpreting data contained in the chart; not visible to the naked eye. All in two indicators.

Complete Software and Strategy Suite

Advanced Technical Indicators

Activate the Indicator in TradingView by Completing the Sign Up Process

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